At Adfinis, we believe that the best way to ensure impactful and long-lasting business transformation, technology innovation and team building is through a true relationship-driven, goal-oriented 
partnership.  This requires a common objective, a clear plan on how to reach the objective, and role-driven collaboration to succeed.

This is difficult to achieve.  In many companies, business and technical managers are often fighting for control instead of fighting for collaboration and partnership.  And in others, company management abdicates and completely turns over the responsibility for a difficult business transformation to an external partner.  

In Latin, ADFINIS means "at my border" - meaning the type of relationship you have with someone who is standing at your side, shoulder-to-shoulder.  All of our engagements are shoulder-to-shoulder, side-by-side transformation opportunities.  

When you contract us to assist you with an organizational transformation, or a project rescue, or a change management exercise, we begin with a quick assessment of your needs.  Then we ask you to assign at least one senior resource from within your organization to work with us, shoulder-to-shoulder, to deliver on the mandate.  Through this process, we ensure that the knowledge of how to continue the work remains within your organization after we have successfully completed our assignment.​

And when you contract us to lead a training workshop, we make the workshop relevant by incorporating challenges you are facing, and highly interactive to ensure that what is presented can be better internalized and applied in the future.


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Many other management consulting companies can also deliver great results.  But after they're gone, where do you stand?  Have members of your internal team learned to lead the next transformation?  Is the knowledge to advance to the next level something your internal resources can leverage and apply to drive toward a successful outcome?  Probably not.  

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"It takes both sides to build a bridge."

                     - Fredrik Nael